Greek American

The name Neo Pedino is rather recent.  It was given to the village in 1955, replacing the medieval toponymy of Pesperagon (1393).  The village was initially set at the Agios Ioannis location, close to Portiano.  The original toponymy derived from the name of a local Byzantine landowner.  In 1968, Pedino was hit by a very strong earthquake.  Almost levelled, it was abandoned by its inhabitants and rebuilt 1500 meters to the North, near Nea Koutali.  The new settlement was named Neo Pedino (New Pedino) to differentiate it from the old village.

In the village square at Palio (Old) Pedino, there is a covered fountain built in 1950 by Vassilis Kontos.  Two antefixae (ornamental tiles) with human heads crown the inscribed parapet; directly below them, there are the busts of two angels spreading their wings to form a semi-circule.